Supervisory Training: How To Implement Attendance Policies

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Being able to be a successful company means providing important and valuable services to people. In order to accomplish this mission, it is imperative that every employee be present when scheduled to fulfill customer expectations.

Our clients ask us for assistance in providing well rounded policies for their business document strategies. This is an example of an existing attendance policy for one of our clients:

Supervisory Training: Attendance Policy (example)

The Company rewards its employees with sufficient vacation, holiday and flex days throughout the year.
  • Vacation and holidays must be scheduled with one’s supervisor in advance (at least 24 hours for one or two days; two weeks’ notice for three or more consecutive days).
This policy details how absences and tardiness are counted for the purposes of maintaining excellent customer service throughout the business day.


We found an infographic that explains the impact of absenteeism that is worthy of mentioning at this place in our article.

How does Attendance Effect Job Performance


Absences and Tardiness

Pre-scheduled times away from work using accrued vacation, holiday or flex days are not considered.


No corrective actions will be taken without the direct involvement of the Human Resources Department as counsel to management. All warnings will be delivered by the direct supervisor, manager, or Human Management reserves the right to use its discretion in applying this policy under special or unique circumstances.

Although occurrences will roll off an employee’s record after six months, habitual offenders (those who have established a pattern of absences, such as consistently having six or more occurrences in any given six-month period or routinely calling in on Mondays and/or Fridays) may trigger corrective action even though six-month old infractions have fallen off, if he or she continues to incur occurrences.

Management reserves the right to amend or discontinue this policy at any time without notice.

Corrective Action Steps – Unscheduled Absences or Tardies in a Rolling Six- Month Period

  • 3rd Occurence Total Coaching Sessions Documented to File

  • NextAbsenceorTardyVerbal Warning Documented to File

  • NextAbsenceorTardyWritten Warning to File

  • NextAbsenceorTardyFinalWritten Warning with One-Day Suspension

  • NextAbsenceorTardyTerminationof Employment


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