Coronavirus: How Small Businesses are Effected and What You Can Do

One of the most heartwarming things we have heard in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is efforts of big businesses. The corporate giants of the world are contributing with aid funds, emergency pay, prioritized essentials, and some are even opening their doors as shelters and hospitals. But these efforts are…
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COVID-19 & the Economic Response: What To Expect in the Next Weeks

The COVID-19 pandemic will be effecting economies on every level for the next several months, possibly even a year or more. From the tiniest niche markets and local economies, through states, nations and around the globe, a severe economic slump is inevitable. It’s going to be a struggle, but eventually, business will get…
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Women Business Leaders: David vs Goliath in the Beauty Industry

Image source: Big things do come in small packages! And that’s what the new up and coming cosmetic brand Stow Away is shouting to the multi-billion makeup industry! In an age where bags are getting bigger and bigger, and women seem to be losing more and more of their precious (and…
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