Why People Hesitate When Switching To A Paperless System

  Here at Luxa, we rant and rave about the benefits of going paperless. However, a lot of companies still hesitate when considering making the switch. As you probably know, doing paperwork does takes a BIG toll on employees and your company. Yet, the dependence on paper still remains. (more…)
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Why Offices That Are Going Paperless Are Becoming More Popular

Even though it may not be intentional, paperless offices are starting to become the norm as technology continues to be more and more integrated into our work setting. For example, paper is now almost completely eliminated as a form of communication between two people thanks to email. Word documents and Powerpoint…
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4 Simple Steps To Going Paperless You Can Implement Right Away

  Lately, we have been talking a lot about the benefits and strategies that lie behind becoming a “paperless” office.  However, we haven’t talked much about the “hows” in becoming a paperless office. Lucky for you, its very easy to make the transition starting with only a few steps. Here’s how…
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What To Consider When Going Paperless

In our previous blog post, we briefly discussed a handful of the benefits of going paperless. It wouldn’t be fair to solely discuss the pros of going paperless, or push the idea that going completely paperless is possible. So, in this week’s blog we are going to discuss some difficulties on transitioning…
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