Payroll Compliance Review: Tips Businesses Should Have Down By Now

You may think you know Payroll compliance review, but we’re putting that to the test. Here are six things you thought you knew about this topic, but will probably take you by surprise. (more…)
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3 Helpful And Must-Know Payroll Compliance Items You Need To Focus On

The beginning of each year is a time for fresh beginnings, both personally and professionally. It’s also the ideal time to think about payroll compliance. If your business is like most small businesses, payroll compliance is one of your lowest priority issues, but failing to check-in with it at least once per…
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Revealing Tips To Optimize Employee Handbooks For Peak Performance

  Let’s face it, running a business is hard. When you run a small business, resources can be limited, especially without an HR department. Employee handbooks are a vital part of every company, no matter how small, and the end of the year is a great time to make any necessary…
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Optimize Your Cloud Based Accounting Software With Gusto

If your current payroll processes seem more of an issue rather than a solution, you might want to consider using Gusto to manage your payroll to improve the value of your cloud based accounting software implementations.  Gusto is a company that offers cloud-based payroll services as part of its human resource package…
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Vacation Policies Business Management May Need To Consider

With the holidays approaching, the topic of time-off weighs heavy at most businesses and we want to illustrate some policies that some companies use to answer the calling for when your employee asks for time away from work.  Traditionally, many folks grew up maybe seeing one or both sets of parents…
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Small Business Advice On New Proposed Overtime Rules

Business rules and regulations are always changing. It’s our job as business owners to keep up with regulatory changes to stay compliant and protect ourselves from fines and missed deadlines. This article and the reason we post articles is to keep you informed of what the recent changes are and how…
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Payroll Laws In Oklahoma: What To Be Aware Of In 2015

For 2015, there are new regulatory requirements issued by the government that reflect what an employer needs report and file for payroll purposes. Effective January 1st, 2015, new federal laws cover taxation, benefits, government contractors, workplace safety, and healthcare (with addition to reports W2 and 1009, employers need to give to…

Payroll Laws In Oklahoma: Employer’s Responsibilities To Be Aware Of

Payroll laws in oklahoma can impact your requirements with taxes and reporting Payroll has a lot to do with a company’s accountability. Companies need to comply with all payroll tax requirements so they are in good, financial standing. When it comes to it, companies want to report fairly and avoid payroll…
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Small Business Bookkeeping Tips: Payroll Entry

Small business accounting advice for payroll entry activities As payroll specialists we always want to ensure that employees are compensated accurately – the first time around. With so much time spent on gathering data, inputting time, and processing – who wants to spend time doing it all over due to simple…
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How to solve the biggest problems with regulatory reports

The problem with regulatory reports Regulatory reporting requirements are steadily increasing in both number and complexity. If you are like many small businesses, you simply don’t have the time to stay apprised on all of the accounting and regulatory changes affecting you; nonetheless, the ones that don’t. (more…)
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