Payroll Compliance Review: Tips Businesses Should Have Down By Now

You may think you know Payroll compliance review, but we’re putting that to the test. Here are six things you thought you knew about this topic, but will probably take you by surprise. (more…)
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Payroll Laws In Oklahoma: Employer’s Responsibilities To Be Aware Of

Payroll laws in oklahoma can impact your requirements with taxes and reporting Payroll has a lot to do with a company’s accountability. Companies need to comply with all payroll tax requirements so they are in good, financial standing. When it comes to it, companies want to report fairly and avoid payroll…
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Payroll Laws: Reducing/Deducting an Employee’s Final Wages

Understanding payroll laws in Oklahoma from the perspective of the employer John left the company last week and you are currently processing his final paycheck. Well, since John hasn’t returned his company uniforms as requested the employer will simply deduct the amount owed from his final pay, right? Not so fast! There…
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Why Calculating Payroll Taxes Correctly Matters

Knowing this about calculating payroll taxes could save you big time Businesses cannot afford to miss paying payroll taxes – even though there are many that take the risk every day. The one creditor you think you can afford putting off is not the IRS. Additionally, calculating payroll taxes is time…
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How to Solve Your Payroll Deadlines with Filing Accuracy

Key points to payroll filing accuracy A key to managing your payroll efficiently and avoiding unnecessary IRS penalties is strictly adhering to deadlines and ensuring your documents are filed accurately. In a recent article published by INTUIT, “The Top 10 Payroll Mistakes…and What to Look Out For”, #3 was listed as…
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3 Key Changes In Payroll Compliance You Should Know

As a small business owner, one of the most frustrating things in back office administration is without a doubt payroll processing. Regulations. Deadlines. Due dates. Payroll compliance. Penalties. These are all part of the picture as a payroll administrator. How do you stay on top of it all? What happens if…
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