3 Reasons We Love Time and Attendance Solutions

Can you imagine, no more hand tallying time cards, or worrying about archiving time and attendance data securely? An Automated Time and Attendance System (ATAS) can eliminate many of the payroll preparation irritations and headaches.  Approving time can often be tedious and time consuming.  An ATAS can help automate a paper-intensive…

10 Signs You Should Invest in Flexible Payroll Solutions

So what does a flexible payroll solution mean to you? Maybe you are like the many small business owners who are looking to spend less time managing payroll administration and processes.  (more…)

4 Things You Should Know To Avoid Payroll Theft This Year

It’s disturbing to see someone take something that is not theirs.  One can take measures to lock the front door, put all their passwords in a password keeper app, and maybe even install an alarm on their car.  In business we want to all safeguard our investments. Payroll theft is nothing…