COVID-19 & the Economic Response: What To Expect in the Next Weeks

The COVID-19 pandemic will be effecting economies on every level for the next several months, possibly even a year or more. From the tiniest niche markets and local economies, through states, nations and around the globe, a severe economic slump is inevitable. It’s going to be a struggle, but eventually, business will get…
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3 Simple Answers On How To Easily Maximize Virtual CFO Services

A small business has many issues to deal with. Finances are the top for most to consider. Bookkeeping services help, but are not always the best service to grow a business. The Virtual CFO, or VCFO, services will help grow your business. (more…)
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Small Business Update and News

There is no doubt small businesses are the life bold of our great country. If you are a small business congratulate yourself! (more…)
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Definition of Captive Insurance

Is a Captive Insurance Program right for you? A captive is an insurance company that provides insurance to, and is controlled by, its owners. In essence, a captive serves as a premium funding vehicle for self-insuring the losses of the parent organization for a specific retention level designated by the parent.…
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Money Matters: Need a Business Loan? We Have a Few Ideas

Are you looking to secure a loan for your business? We’ve got 7 great tips that will help. According to Bankrate, since 2008 loaning to businesses is down over 10%. “That trend is continuing; times are very tough.” says George Cloutier, chief executive of Orlando, Fla.-based American Management Services, a consultant…
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