COVID-19 & the Economic Response: What To Expect in the Next Weeks

The COVID-19 pandemic will be effecting economies on every level for the next several months, possibly even a year or more. From the tiniest niche markets and local economies, through states, nations and around the globe, a severe economic slump is inevitable. It’s going to be a struggle, but eventually, business will get…
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3 Simple Answers On How To Easily Maximize Virtual CFO Services

A small business has many issues to deal with. Finances are the top for most to consider. Bookkeeping services help, but are not always the best service to grow a business. The Virtual CFO, or VCFO, services will help grow your business. (more…)
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Small Business Update and News

There is no doubt small businesses are the life bold of our great country. If you are a small business congratulate yourself! (more…)
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Definition of Captive Insurance

Is a Captive Insurance Program right for you? A captive is an insurance company that provides insurance to, and is controlled by, its owners. In essence, a captive serves as a premium funding vehicle for self-insuring the losses of the parent organization for a specific retention level designated by the parent.…
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Money Matters: Need a Business Loan? We Have a Few Ideas

Are you looking to secure a loan for your business? We’ve got 7 great tips that will help. According to Bankrate, since 2008 loaning to businesses is down over 10%. “That trend is continuing; times are very tough.” says George Cloutier, chief executive of Orlando, Fla.-based American Management Services, a consultant…
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Business Entrepreneurship

Every effective and successful business has someone who is the “entrepreneur”. Wikipedia defines the entrepreneur as “a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes”. Management skills and strong team building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attributes for a successful entrepreneur. Professor Howard Stevenson, the godfather of…
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