Employee Handbook Review

December is the perfect time for employee handbook review.  Throughout the year numerous changes have probably been made your business’s policies, procedures, and perhaps even changes in the law affecting the day to day transactions of your business. While updates to changes in expectations, dress code, etc. are typically provided to employees throughout the year via email or written correspondence, it is very important to have an up-to-date employee handbook to refer to refer back to in support of the employer’s position, as well as to provide any new employees with up-to-date information regarding your business. 

Employee handbooks communicate to employees how the employees should behave, what they should wear, how they will be compensated, disciplined and rewarded.  Employees will understand their responsibilities and have a reference point for how to do their jobs and maintain their status. December is the perfect time to review your employee handbook for updates and updating your employee handbook does not require the use of a human resources department. Contact us to assist in updating your employee handbook.

Employee handbooks are also beneficial because they set forth expectations between you, the employer, and the employee. An employee handbook is a tool to provide clear boundaries for the employee, as well as educate the employee of the rules and benefits of your business. Additionally, when policies and procedures are clearly outlined in the employee handbook it can prevent liability. A clear, well-written employee handbook cannot only protect the employer from liability, but it also sets forth a baseline so when issues arise, neither the employee nor the employer will be surprised by the outcome or end result. 

December is the perfect time to gather and review all new information, amended information, changes you want to make to an existing handbook regarding benefits, dress codes, etc.  Don’t put it off because the delay in updating the employee handbook could subject you to liabilities and allow claims to be made against the business which should have been addressed in the employee handbook. Loss prevention and employee information is the key to a growing, successful business.



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