The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion of LGBTQ Community Members

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We currently live in a society that is consistently progressing in a multitude of ways. One of the most discussed topics going on today is Diversity and Inclusion of LGBTQ community members. The decisions that they have made in their personal lives have been heavily criticized with progressing support.

At Luxa Enterprises, we believe that everyone (including our employees and the employees of other businesses/organizations) deserves respect and understanding. Their [LGBTQ community members] decisions to choose a different personal path that others may not agree with should not affect their employment status or opportunities.

It is important to note that an employee is professionally critiqued by their work performance and how they treat co-workers/customers…. not their sexual preference or gender identity choices.

It is unfair (and unprofessional) to treat LGBTQ community members as if they are not human beings.

In the business world, there are many businesses that have treated LGBTQ community members in disrespectful manners. The latter includes firing them, disrespecting them, and not allowing them to advance above the position they are currently in.

Here are a few tips that we would like to provide when it comes to diversity and inclusion of LGBTQ community members. 

  • Do not allow LGBTQ community members to feel disrespected: It is understandable that everyone will not agree with each other on everything. However, when it comes to the workplace, personal preferences is not a reason to disrespect another. As a business owner/manager/supervisor, it is your duty to ensure a safe and positive work environment for your employees and customers. If you ever receive complaints from your employees or customers regarding mistreatment because of their sexual preference/gender identity, please take it very seriously. You should not allow for someone to feel bullied and we highly recommend that you address it appropriately and immediately. 
  • Ensure your prospective/current employees are well-informed: While we live in a society that is consistently progressing through technology, if you as a business still supply employee handbooks, we suggest you include diversity and inclusion expectations in the workplace. Having this in the form of a written script will consistently reinforce to your employees what you expect of them. You can also include a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly e-newsletter for your employees as well. 
  • Support your local LGBTQ organizations: Employees that are members of the LGBTQ community find it very supporting when the business/company that they work for support them. You can show your support by donating to these organizations, allow for LGBTQ events in your workplace, in addition to allowing open discussions as a team. Ensure to your team that the latter options are not required for them to participate in. While you are aiming to improve diversitification, you also want to make sure that employees with different personal viewpoints do not feel forced to do something that they do not want. Diversity and inclusion requires understanding that everyone is not the same, yet respect should always be given from all sides.

Would you like to contact our team for more advice on how to efficiently enforce positive LGBTQ workplace diversity and inclusion? Please feel free to contact our team at your earliest convenience. We look forward to assisting you with these important elements of your business.

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