Employee Recognition Ideas: The Power of Praise

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The Power of Praise


Many business leaders struggle in coming up with employee recognition ideas yet it is essential when managing your staff. When employees feel that they and their work are valued and appreciated, their productivity rises and they are motivated to continue and improve on their outstanding work. Praise recognition in the workplace is essential in a “want to work here” environment. This also improves moral and loyalty amongst employees and managers.

5 Employee recognition ideas to praise your employees:

  1. Remember anniversary dates with anniversary gifts
  2. Write a sincere thank you note
  3. Thoughtful “thank you” gifts
  4. A public “great job”
  5. A simple “thank you”

Never underestimate the power of praise that can improve leadership in the workplace. A simple “thank you” can change the attitude of one employee completely and improve their work quality and self-esteem, therefore having a happier and healthier work environment. 

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