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Outsourcing options for Tulsa human resource solutions a serious consideration?

Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing trends in both small and large scaled organizations. There are many advantages of outsourcing and there are often sound business reasons to do so; however, before making the decision to outsource, it is highly recommended that you fully educate yourself on the pros and cons. 

In doing so, you are gaining both perspectives to make an educated decision on whether or not you should outsource. Yes, outsourcing offers the promise of saving time and money and has worked successfully for many companies; but the decision needs to be based upon what is best for your company, both now and in the future, what will it take to grow the business; and how best to serve your customers and clients.

There are the top 5 reasons outsourcing can be a decision for you and not just from a financial perspective.

1. Employee moral may be affected by positively and negatively. Employees often feel threatened when a company begins to outsource, and understandably so if it is their job function that is now being outsourced.  However, outsourcing can be welcomed by your employees if they understand the business reasons for doing so.

2. The hierarchical structure may be impacted by outsourcing.  For example, if you decide to outsource payroll or benefits then you may be removing an entire division from the organization; however, this could be a significant cost savings for your company.

3. Cost savings. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is cost savings.  The lower cost of operation and labor makes it attractive to outsource. Additionally, outsourcing can reduce the overhead costs of outsourcing certain positions or divisions.    

4. Increased productivity and efficiency.  By outsourcing non-core activities such as administration and other back-office operations, you can shift the focus back to the core functions of your business.  By increasing productivity and efficiency your business can be more successful and better prepared for market challenges; as well time spent on growing the business.

5. Data loss.  One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing is the risk of losing sensitive data and the loss of confidentiality.  It is important, therefore, to have measures in place to avoid data loss.

As with any business decision, you must weigh the good, the bad, and the ugly. The decision to or not to outsource is usually the most difficult part of outsourcing.   The decision to outsource comes down to what is best for your business –both now and in the future. 

If you company simply doesn’t have the capability to further expand the business, or have the expertise, time, or software to perform core in-house functions then outsourcing may be the choice for you. Although outsourcing has its share of disadvantages, the many benefits that outsourcing bring far outweigh its disadvantages.  

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