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An employee handbook consists of the organizational values and expectations throughout a business.

It is one of the first documents a new employee receives during orientation and is a reference when situations arise.

Thus, keeping its contents contemporary with the vision of the company and government regulations are pertinent to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the policies that guide responsibility and decision making.

Information for Employee

New recruits enter an organization with a plethora of ideas to execute the duties assigned to them.

It is the responsibility of the organization to establish the parameters to make them successful.

Further, as a company progresses, the parameters set in its inception adjust with growth, experience and new legal expectations.

A regular review of this document is imperative to assure the policies represent the current standards of the organization.

The presentation of the handbook portrays professionalism and establishes a culture of excellence.

Within the handbook, the family of workers know what is expected of them and the benefits offered by the business. This document is proof that all the employees are aware of these guidelines.

Legal Protection

In the event of a misunderstanding, the employee handbook standardizes each facet of company obligations.

This document provides a valuable defense against employee claims of mistreatment.

It dictates the consequences to inappropriate behavior and informs how complaints are resolved.

This enforces a company culture of equality and shuns an atmosphere of harassment or discrimination.

Collection of Policies

The employee handbook maintains a meticulous collection of policies that affect the environment for each stakeholder.

It documents company regulations on such practices as break times and smoking and commitments to family and medical leave and insurances.

The goal is to emphasize the importance of personal responsibility.

The handbook establishes the precepts for mutual respect of coworkers and responsibility to clients.

Further, it explains the reasoning behind each policy, such as, for safety and security or efficiency in production.

Assuring all the facets of the employee handbook are documented is a tedious but necessary task. Let us partner with you assure your content is current with your industry standards.

Contact us TODAY if you have any questions regarding your employee handbook reviews!

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