This Is What Happens To Safety After An Employee Handbook Review

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When was the last time that you thought about safety in your small business?

We are often surprised to read about companies that have accidents which could have been avoided through more prevention.

Many workplace accidents occur because of a lack of attention to established safety protocols, a lack of communication, or because employees should have received new safety procedures in their handbooks.

After an accident occurs, everyone feels bad, but there is no way to justify how that employee got hurt. It’s better for a small business without a full-time HR manager to embrace prevention than to pay for the accident’s related costs.

Having liability insurance and worker’s compensation will not offset damages to the company’s reputation. Insurance policies don’t change how employees feel after the accident about their safety at work.

Be Proactive

Workplace accidents should be avoided whenever possible.

All this makes it essential that a small business owner spend some time each year on employee handbook review.

If the New Year isn’t the right time, this review should get scheduled as soon as possible.

Employees should receive an updated version of their handbook reflecting any new policies or procedures related to safety and other operations.

They should get current information that affects how they perform their jobs and understand their rights under new policies. 

We want to help our clients become more efficient in running their operations and sharing the latest information with all full-time and part-time employees.

Reviewing employee handbooks is not a favorite activity, but it’s an essential component of business management.

For more details on conducting a good handbook review and other hr solutions services, please contact us today.

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