This Is What Happens When You Eradicate Low Employee Morale

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Happy employees are profitable employees.  

They are 12% more productive than their counterparts because they see themselves as part of the bigger picture; a key player and important voice that helps drive the success of the company.

Interestingly, it’s not salary that inspires such dedication and loyalty.  

Keeping your employees satisfied comes down to soliciting feedback, prioritizing office harmony and celebrating and encouraging work/life balance.


Soliciting Feedback

Soliciting and respecting the feedback of your employees is fundamental in establishing trust and fostering allegiance.  

In addition to your open door policies, take employee criticism seriously and develop steps to address concerns.  

Of the top ten most common employee complaints, two are that upper management does not request or apply their feedback.  

Not being taken seriously can have a ruinous impact on employee morale and it leads to widespread resentment.  

Your employees will think; ‘if we’re all part of the team, why am I not being listened to?’  A quick fix and a way to win their support is to solicit, listen and act.

Prioritizing Office Harmony

You’ve heard the phrase ‘a few bad apples will spoil the bunch’.  

Never has this been truer than in a small office.  It’s easy to call for immediate termination of antagonistic people and much harder in practice when the office bully is also your top salesperson.

Look at it this way, everyone wins when the tormentor is shown the door.  You will field far fewer complaints and personnel issues and enjoy a non-toxic environment where everyone works together in unity.  

Your staff will be less anxious, more productive and grateful to you for removing the problem.  It’s estimated that an office bully can bring down performance by 30% to 40% so you’ll see an uptick in achievements and production as well!

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Encouraging Work/Life Balance

Too often we make the mistake of overlooking the familial or social obligations of our employees.  

Your people will work hard for you if you show that you’re willing to be flexible for them.

Encourage actual lunches (not just the working brown bag at the desk).  Give them vacation time as rewards and be adjustable when it comes to occasional flex time or working from home.  

Low employee morale could cost you in retention, productivity, sales and even reputation.  By doing these three things; soliciting feedback, prioritizing office harmony and encouraging work/life balance; you will enjoy a healthy office culture full of satisfied and eager employees.  

Focus on your people and let us focus on your paperwork!  We can help with Accounting, HR and Payroll Administration, leaving you and your team the time to roll your sleeves up and get to work. Got HR questions? Contact LUXA Enterprises today for more information!


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