Time Management For Leaders: 6 Tips For A More Productive Day

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You’ve probably heard it time and time again that successful people multitask. After all, it allows them to accomplish more in the allotted amount of time. However, that is an outdated train of thought and, ultimately, multitasking is inefficient. It prevents you from focusing all of your attention on one task and it causes you to bounce from one thing to the next. Unless you are able to physically do two things at once without it reducing your efficiency on the other (like jogging and listening to music), it reduces your effectiveness on both tasks, which means while you are doing two things at once, the finished product is often inferior and it may have required more time to finish each. Instead, you need to look at these six different tips in order to perform better during the week and to have more successful workdays. 

Stop Multitasking

First, you need to stop multitasking. If you try to accomplish multiple tasks at once, you complete each more slowly and are more likely to commit more errors while doing it. Have you ever tried to conduct a conversation while typing before, only to look down to find you typed bits of your conversation into the text? Stop multitasking and you won’t have these kinds of problems. Plus, studies show that people who multitask are more likely to become distracted. This is actually a more difficult step to do than you might think. You might want to work but check your email off and on, or look down at your phone or check social media. Don’t. It may take a bit to break you of this, but once you do, you’ll be far more successful than ever before. 

Take a Break

Sure, taking a break takes you away from work, but your brain needs a rest from time to time. This reduces stress levels so when you get back to work you are more productivity. It doesn’t mean check Facebook for 20 minutes though. Instead, take a quick walk, go downstairs for a cup of coffee, catch up at the watercolor for five minutes.

Take a Walk

You can take a walk as one of your breaks. This helps get the body moving, the blood pumping and your heart bumping. This improves brain functionality, clears your mind and helps boost problem solving skills. If you can walk outside that is even better, because it gets you away from the clutter of the office. 



George Constanza might of had something when he tried to take naps under his desk. This doesn’t mean curl up for an hour of sack time. However, focus improves drastically after a brief 20 minute nap. Instead of feeling groggy for the rest of the day and having your productivity suffer, hit the snooze for a few winks of sleep. Just make sure you don’t go past 20-30 minutes. Anything longer and your brain hits deep sleep, which makes you feel groggier, which is counterproductive to your goals. 

Natural Sunlight 

Many people suffer from depression during the winter. This is all due to the lack of natural sunlight exposure. The walks help, and just try to position yourself near an open window whenever possible. It does wonders for your mind. You are also less likely to suffer from headaches.


Maybe you take a walk and grab a cup of joe or you just walk downstairs for where they make their coffee better. It stretches your legs and the cup of caffeine boosts productivity. Just avoid too much sugar as that will crash you down in a few hours. 

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