Time Management For Leaders: Morning Routine Can Make You Productive

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Research has long suggested individuals who accomplish more in the morning are more successful, more productive and reach greater heights in their business careers than those who sleep in. If you are like most people though, you enjoy your sleep and would rather stay in under the covers than crawl out of bed earlier. So how do you convert being a sleeping-in person to being a morning person? It all hinges on getting a good start in the morning. This solid, 90-minute morning routine can wake you up, improve your workday and allow you to stay more productive until your head hits the pillow at night. 

Time Management For Leaders: Morning Routine Can Make You Productive

Wake Up Early

Sure, this one is kind of a no brainer when it comes to getting your day started early, but all good things must begin somewhere. This might mean you need to go to bed sooner, and yes, this might mean you need to record your favorite television show instead of watching it live, but within a week or two, your body will adjust and you’ll become accustomed to waking up earlier. Most CEOs begin their days before 6am and fill the rest of their morning with meaningful tasks. You might not be able to move to waking up before 6am immediately, but striving for an earlier time is essential. 

Cut Out the Texts and Emails

If you are like many people your cell phone is also your alarm clock. However, you need to avoid checking your phone for texts and emails first thing. If you do, your brain automatically starts to think of responses, may begin to worry for the day and simply increase your stress levels. You should take at least an hour between waking up and checking your messages. If it helps, invest in an actual bedside alarm clock instead of using your phone and put your phone in another room to charge at night. 

Be Thankful and Go Over Your Goals

Verbally saying what you are thankful for out loud helps create positive energy for the day. It is easy to do, you can do it in the shower or as you prepare for the next step in the morning routine. By starting the day out positively, it helps you feel good about yourself, which in turn improves productivity. Beyond just stating what you are thankful for though, reiterate your goals. This can be the goals for the day, the goals for the month or your career goals. Keep focused and you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals with this kind of focus. 



Don’t skip out on breakfast. The old saying of breakfast is the most important meal of the day is true. It energizes your body, gives fuel to your brain and gives you the stamina to perform well throughout the day. It also improves your health, boosts your metabolism  and increases your endurance. There really is nothing bad about breakfast at all. Just try to skip the donuts and focus on something healthy. Scrambled eggs, a green smoothie or really anything healthy. 


This might not be your full blown workout, but getting some exercise in helps wake up your mind and prepare you for the day. Maybe this is a morning jog, some yoga or a bit of weight training. It all helps boost your performance throughout the day. 


This calms your mind and empowers yourself. Maybe you do this with your morning yoga. Maybe you just have 10 minutes of mental alone time. Perhaps it is while you ride the subway. Center yourself and just prepare for your day of success. 


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