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Meetings, employee reviews, progress reviews, emails, phone calls, etc. Your day seems to end before it begins and you can find yourself looking back and asking, “Just what did I accomplish?”. 

There’s a famous saying that says Rome wasn’t built in one day. Yet, we overlook that although Rome was not built in one day, Rome was being built brick by brick every hour of every day. 

Our busy schedules sometimes build themselves and we may find that we have no control of the output of these crazy routines! It is important to organize your day so that, brick by brick, you can build your business.


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Building a Successful Daily Routine

The best way to see success in your business is to manage your time well by establishing a daily routine. Here are some of our best tips for successful time management:

1. Visualize Your Goals

Jeff Gittomore, author of The Sales Bible, suggests that you put your goals in front of your face. Write your goals on Post-It Notes on your bathroom mirror and read them twice a day until they’re accomplished. Then move them to a separate area of your mirror to be reminded of your accomplishments.

For those big projects or goals that require daily focus, keeping them physically visible is a powerful way to draw energy and enlightenment to your cause. 

2. Watch Motivational Videos 

Every morning, make it a practice to watch a short motivational clip. In today’s social world, they are everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…these are just a few places to find motivation. 

Find a social source you can tap into to start your day. It should only be between 3-7 minutes long. That’s manageable, right? When you watch a short and positive video to start the day, your mind will start thinking optimistically. This will provide you with a positive outlook for the day.

3. Leave Drama Behind

Being able to focus means your emotional focus needs rest. Did you have an argument with a co-worker or even your significant other? Maybe a sibling or child? Get resolution first thing in the morning, even if that means you will resolve to continue the conversation amicably the next day. 

According to, “Emotional intelligence is built by reducing stress. The ability to resolve conflicts positively and with confidence will help reduce your stress level. This will lead to a more productive day.”

4. Write Down Your Daily Goals

The author of The Sales Bible, Jeffery Gittimore, suggested looking at your long-term goals each and every day.

There is no worse feeling than to be in debt to a list. The feeling that you cleared your to-do list, as insignificant as it might be, is a feeling more important to productivity than it is to accomplishments. The better we feel about our productivity, the better our next to-do list might be!

5. Do Something that Makes You Happy

If you enjoy reading your local newspaper on the weekends, start incorporating this into your daily routine. If you are waking up earlier each day, there will be more time to do activities that you actually enjoy doing.

Life is too short not to enjoy each and every day. Incorporating an activity that makes you happy should be a part of your 24-hour schedule.

6. Fewer Meetings

Thomas Sowell, an American economist, said, “The least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favor of holding meetings.

An article from Forbes suggests scheduling meetings for half of the time you originally intended to. If the meeting is scheduled for a shorter time, you can likely cover the agenda more quickly and efficiently.

7. Do Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

Science has proven that doing something that scares you will make you more productive. Whether you decide to strike up a conversation in the elevator with a stranger or call a CEO to try and land a meeting, you should make it a goal each day to do 3 things that make you uncomfortable each day.

We are creatures of habit and are known to get stuck in monotonous routines. Doing something that makes you uncomfortable each day will allow you to stand out amongst the competition and accomplish goals you never thought could be achieved.

8. Don’t Hold Grudges

The Mayo Clinic states that letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for happiness, health, and peace.

Grudges typically pertain to events that have happened in the past. Make sure to focus on the present moment and the future. Don’t waste your time on something that can’t be changed from the past. Confucius said it best, “To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.

9. Reach Out to Influencers

Let’s say that you have been reading a specific business blog over the past few years and continue to find inspiration from this columnist. You like the content so much that you have contemplated starting your own business blog!

Find this blogger’s contact information and reach out to them. Tell the blogger how much inspiration their articles have given you. You will be pleasantly surprised by how often someone will appreciate the kind words and respond to you.

Whether the response is through a tweet or an email, hearing back from someone to whom you look up can provide you with a huge boost of motivation.

If you reach out to someone you admire each day, the influential people that you will end up meeting will allow you to dramatically grow your network.

10. Write a Journal Entry Each Day states, “There is increasing evidence to support the notion that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being.

You can learn a lot from going back and looking through past journal entries. It is a great way to see the growth you have achieved and remember both the good and bad times in your business and personal endeavors.

You never know if the journal entry from today will lead to your next big business endeavor or great invention. Venting in the form of written communication is also a great stress reliever.

11. Face-to-Face Meeting

With our reliance on social media and smartphones, face-to-face interaction seems to be forgotten at times.

Make sure to schedule a face-to-face meeting during your day. Whether this is with your best friend for happy hour or a business colleague, it is always a nice feeling when you can talk with someone in person about what is happening in your life.

12. Don’t Multitask

Focus on just one task at a time and do it with your full focus. This creates less stress and will allow for better results and less chaos. Don’t be scared to turn down projects. There is nothing worse than doing multiple projects with mediocre results. Instead, focus on one task and hit a home run with that project.

13. Plan Ahead

At the end of each day, plan ahead and make a “to-do” list for all of the tasks you need to accomplish the following day. Completing and checking off the items on your list will help motivate you to accomplish your project goals. This will also reduce stress when you plan ahead. Alan Lakein states it best, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.

14. Read Often

Reading up on news within the industry helps you stay fresh and relevant when it comes to your line of work. Reading can also help you come up with fresh ideas. After all, if you are reading information pertinent to your industry, there will be many ideas that you have while observing the information.

Even if you read just for pleasure, this will help stimulate your brain on a daily basis while helping you develop more ideas. Start reading each day and incorporating this into your daily routine!

15. Organize Your Calendar

Maintaining a calendar for meetings, deadlines, and events is an absolute must. When there are a million and a half things taking place in your day, it is hard to remember information pertaining to the future. An organized calendar will help you be productive for future events.

16. Smile

Researchers at the University of Kansas found that the act of smiling has a positive effect on our happiness and physical health, helping the heart recover more quickly after stressful events.

More people want to be around someone that smiles. If you are happy, you will be amazed with what you will be able to accomplish with an optimistic attitude. Start smiling more each day and enjoying everything that your life has to offer. This will help in many areas of your life.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”  – Paul J. Meyer

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We’ll demonstrate how you can save money while improving your efficiency and accuracy when you outsource your back office services to TEAM LUXA.
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