Time Management For Leaders: 8 Reasons To Work Less And Get More Done

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Does it ever seem that certain individuals always have everything good come to them, even though they just don’t appear to work as much? While it might seem like luck, it is all about how they handle their workload. It is possible to work less and accomplish more, you just need to know how to go about doing it. With this help, it is possible. It just takes a few tips from those who live it every single day. 

Time Management For Leaders: 8 Reasons To Work Less And Get More Done


Successful people are able to disconnect from technology and all of the distractions of daily life in order to focus. They don’t check their emails every five minutes or look at their phone to update their Twitter feed. When they are at work they simply work. Because they do not multitask with unnecessary technology and tasks, they accomplish more in the same period of time, which means they can move further ahead with a project and are able to finish more in seemingly less time. It is all about separating what is important and what is a distraction. 

Minimize Chores

Do you ever feel like you wake up on Saturday and suddenly realize you are going to end up spending your entire weekend working around the house instead of reflecting on the week and recharging for the upcoming week? You don’t want your weekend to feel like work. Instead, successful people schedule out the chores and give allotted times to each. If one isn’t finished, it simply waits until the following week. That is what is great about chores. They aren’t going anywhere, so there is no reason to fret. 

Reflect and Meditate

Reflection is an important tool, yet few people actually utilize it. It is free, and you can do it anywhere. All you need to do is look back on the week and determine what you did well and also what you can do better. Then, come Monday, you can meditate on it and focus in on how to implement these changes. 



Working out is essential. It reduces stress and helps improve your brain functionality. While you might be tired and beat after a solid workout, don’t you just feel good about yourself? Successful people do this every day and then use the mental and physical power generated from the workout and put it into their work. This way, they can focus, get more done and accomplish new tasks with mental clarity. 

Be Passionate

Successful people have personal passions. Maybe they like to paint, work on cars, collect stamps. It helps them escape from their work. You need to focus on your own passion. While you might not have the perfect job just yet (you’re working on it), you can still be passionate about something else until you find that new, perfect job. 

Family Time and Mini Adventures

Don’t forget the family. A happy family life helps make everything better. Spending time with them on the weekends is a must. Scheduling a mini adventure together gets everyone excited. Maybe go to a new restaurant downtown or the lake for a day. It’s a great bonding time and brings you closer together. 

Wake Up at the Same Time

You need a daily routine. Not just mentally but physically. So, set an alarm and stick to it. Never go for the snooze. You don’t want to start out the day with procrastination. 

Prepare for the Week

When Sunday starts to wind down, successful people prepare for the upcoming week. From planning it out to mentally zoning in on it, a bit of preparation goes a long way. 

This series is on time management for leaders is focused on you – the leader. Your contribution to lead a company is also a sacrifice of your time and energy. We hope this helps utilize our most precious resource – the clock!

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