Top 4 Human Resource Challenges Today

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There is no doubt that employers have many human resource issues to work through. Increased awareness among employees, litigation, and governmental regulations have all impacted how employers and employees interact. We wanted to find out what the top issues are facing employers today, so we talked to a few business owners and CEOs. 

1. Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

Most of the employers we talk with tell us that even with the current economic climate, it is a challenge to find the right person for the job. And, once you find that perfect match, it is difficult to retain top talent.

Suggested action: Use more than one source for recruitment. Ask employees to provide referrals, and then offer an incentive program. Finding creative ways to reward employees such as additional time off, small rewards in the form of gift cards, and participation in organizational decisions can help employees feel more connected to your firm. Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than disengaged employees.

2. Keeping Up With Legal Issues & Requirements

There are thousands of legal issues and requirements that employers must navigate – they need help unwinding some of that red tape!

Suggested action: Hire an experienced HR firm to help you understand these issues. Especially if you are a small company, using a professional firm can add real value and keep you out of court! Make sure you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This insurance will help you through most litigation with employees or other third parties.

3. Understanding Healthcare Reform for Small Businesses

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding health care reform for small businesses. Small business owners need to prepare for the upcoming changes and make decisions that are best for their business. However, it requires a great deal of time to understand the implications of healthcare reform.

Suggested action: Hire a qualified insurance broker to help you manage and understand all of the issues regarding these matters. It should not actually cost you anything as the broker is paid by commissions.

4. Using Social Media for Marketing Programs

Should companies use social media as part of their marketing program? The short answer is an emphatic “yes”! However, it is important to carefully consider how to approach this area of your marketing strategy to protect your business.

Suggested action: The challenge for small businesses is, “Where do we start?” We suggest you get a feel for the audience you are hoping to reach and choose the social media platform that best describes your primary customer. There are marketing firms that are very knowledgeable about social media, and usually for a small fee can help you get started.

There are many human resource challenges that businesses of all sizes face today. Partnering with experienced professionals can help to alleviate some of the top concerns, allowing business owners and CEOs to focus on other areas of their organization.


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