Are You Planning Your 2015 Growth Strategy?

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How Oklahoma Businesses Can Leverage For Growth

The time to start planning (if you haven’t already!) for next year’s business growth is now. Many of our clients come to us with an overwhelming need for one thing – TIME. Business leaders and owners need more time to dedicate to the complexities of a growing business. What are their common challenges?

We see business leaders come to us with financial preparation tasks, need for HR policy reviews, payroll administration needs, and growth goals for business development in marketing initiatives. These are all crucial aspects of most businesses, yet for smaller entities, the staff to carry out these tasks is lacking. Business leaders recruiting new candidates with little experience are unsure of the investment or they simply cannot hire the seasoned veteran in accounting or HR, for example. 

How can outsourcing help?

We put together a simple overview of what we feel can make the argument that outsourcing is a viable option both in cost and application to most small business operations. 



Planning your 2015 growth strategy may include hiring internal candidates to take over your books, administrate your payroll, develop and manage your HR tasks, or develop content marketing strategies.  However, if hiring and training someone new is not optimal for you, outsourcing may be a viable option.  LUXA can assess your needs based on the criteria you determine is important for your business.  Give us a call or visit us online to learn more about how we partner with Oklahoma businesses. 

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