What Is A Blog Really?

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More than “What is a blog?” the question should be phrased as, “What is a business blog?” I can remember the first time I heard about blogging thinking it was a bit like an online diary! Ha! In fact, the timing was around the time when Julia Julia came out and the character in the film was challenged to write on her blog about her experiences in the kitchen and her attempts to cook the entire book of recipes by Julia Child.


I am talking about another type of blog. A business blog, sometimes referred to as a corporate blog, “is a blog that is published and used by an organization, corporation, etc. to reach its organizational goals. The advantage of blogs is that posts and comments are easy to reach and follow due to centralized hosting and generally structured conversation threads.” (Wikipedia)

Our efforts to connect to our customers are far beyond that of social media. It seems that everyone has a Facebook account or some twitter handle all in the name of “staying connected” when in reality social media is really the promotional tool to a source of content – your blog!

Blogging Improves Marketing ROI – Almost 80% of marketers with a company blog reported inbound ROI for 2013.

Customers today are looking for solutions to their problems through a variety of channels. Think about it, when was the last time you asked Google or Bing to answer a question you had. Chances are, your answer came across the search results page in the form of a blog or helpful article.

Take the fact that it was a helpful article and you can understand the power of providing helpful material to your prospects. Based on research, your prospects are 8x more likely to be a future customer if you helped them answer questions or solve a problem.


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