What Is Cloud Accounting Really?

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More and more business is heading to the cloud. The cloud essentially allows a business owner or individual to assess important information from any computer or mobile device in the world, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

In a sense, it works just like an email account. Once they enter in the necessary username and password, they can access all of the written content they have saved, received messages and anything else uploaded and created in the email service.

Now, cloud computing is a bit more extensive and allows for larger files, but ultimately it works in a very similar manner. This holds true when it comes to cloud accounting. Any business that has multiple branches, is looking to stretch internationally or requires any sort of travel should look into cloud accounting.

If this explains your business, cloud based accounting might just be the service for you. 

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud based accounting software works just like any other form of cloud computing and data storage, only with accounting information. When one branch of a business receives any sort of financial information, the content is uploaded to an online server. This information might be

  • credit card payments
  • received, bills
  • payments for products ordered or really anything else involved with the accounting.

This way, once the information is saved to the online server, managers from the branch can log on, monitor progress and see just what needs to be done, without being inside of the office at all. Furthermore, the CEO, board of directors and other heads of the company can instantly gain access to not just one branch of accounting information, but all of the branches in the business. This makes for easy comparisons, seeing what company is lagging behind, what branch is doing better as well as identifying different variables for what might help improve the business. 

Are there any advantages to Cloud Based Accounting?

When it comes to what is cloud accounting, there are many advantages to the service.

  1. For starters, individual managers of each branch do not need to show up for a business meeting to present the accounting information.
  2. Everything can be instantly accessed by those who require the content.
  3. It also helps save time as those inside of the branch do not need to wait for emails or faxes from the office as it is all readily available over an Internet connection.

Speed and performance are both key.

LUXA Enterprises specializes in both Xero and Quickbooks cloud accounting implementation and software applications. If you have more questions about the cloud or outsourced accounting services for small business or just want some advice, contact us today!

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