What Is Living In The New Age Like For Diversity And Inclusion?

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Today’s workforce is full of young brilliant minds with a will to change the trends of society. This driving force has spurred a diversity and inclusion movement the likes of which America has never seen. This article will explore some of the challenges faced by all aspects of inclusion and diversity in the workplace, the outcome will be to hopefully provide you with a new viewpoint.

Gender Equality

For hundreds of years around the globe, men have enforced a system of oppression and intimidation towards females in general based solely on gender. This system of “toxic patriarchy” is directly responsible for stifling female talent and growth.

Women in the workplace face a plethora of obstacles, from lower pay to harassment culture, lack of acceptance on many basic levels for their achievements and much more.

But what is at the root of this issue?

Quite simply, control. By limiting the wealth and education of women, men maintain socio-economic mobility. This means that those with means can then influence the lives of others–a practice that time and again has proven detrimental to the growth of society in all ways.

Many men in power feel threatened by a woman on equal terms, all the while insisting that all things are fair and that special allowances need not be made. The irony is that their feelings of insecurity and intimidation may sometimes cause them to act out against women in the workplace creating a need for special allowances and safe spaces.

Division Based On Color Of Skin

This is another example that goes hand in hand with gender equality. Since the birth of the USA, one group of people in the US has hoarded, stolen and killed to control the resources and political power in the country.

This is an unfortunate truth that we must face head-on if we hope to grow stronger as a country. Discriminatory practices geared towards anything and anyone non-white are largely responsible for poverty, lack of education, high crime rates, endless wars, mass incarceration nearly every negative aspect in the U.S today.

This subject is so comprehensive that a single article won’t do it justice, needless to say: the claims aren’t baseless and are absolutely rooted in truth.

No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to examine everything you believe and all things you’ve been taught.

Venture outside of those bounds to truly gather information on the subject, it is a truly life-transforming experience.

Disabled Employees

In a world geared towards comfort and convenience, many disabled employees may find their average day filled with unseen challenges.

Whether it’s related to height or physical impediment, being disabled brings an entirely different set of challenges to the workplace.

It is important to understand the considerations of disabled co-workers and employees so that you can improve productivity and ensure they have the tools needed to complete the job effectively.

LBGTQ Diversity

Gender identification is another broad topic which today’s society is tackling head-on.

While there are many differing opinions on the matter, it is important to understand that fundamentally we are all human.

As humans, we all require, at a bare minimum, a modicum of respect. Often times we may feel the need to chime in on the lifestyle choices of others, it is helpful to remember that you might be living at odds with another’s beliefs.

That’s okay, it’s your right to do so, as long as their life doesn’t interfere with your rights and vice versa.

In a nutshell, this article closes with that notion: these problems wouldn’t exist if people truly understood freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Today’s job force is tackling these tough issues, meeting them head on and forging a way to put an end to hundreds of years of oppressive, backward thinking.

No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to examine the world through the eyes of someone unlike you.

What you find will be both shocking, thought-provoking and enlightening, it will change you for the better, for the worse and most importantly give you newfound perspective. 


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