What Does SHRM Feel About The FLSA Overtime Rule Change?

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Recently we’ve been talking about the current buzz around the new legislation that congress has passed this year regarding the FLSA Overtime Rule

We’ve also discussed some fast facts on the topic as well what this means for your company.

Now the question is, how do people feel about this new change in law? Well, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) have vocalized their opinion, and they aren’t feeling to kindly about it.

They feel that the new FLSA Overtime Rules are too aggressive; in fact they advocate a more incremental increase of the salary range to avoid overwhelming companies.

Review: FLSA Overtime Rules Changes


In case you missed our first few blogs, this whole transistion means that millions of employees are going to be classified as hourly workers, rather than salary workers. We discussed the physcological implications here. SHRM feels like this means employees will lose the flexibility in their schedules that a lot of employees worked hard for and care deeply about.

Overall they believe that this new rule will have more negative than beneficial impacts on employees. 

However, the whole debate is up in the air for both side of the legislation have very agreable arguments.

What do YOU think about this new rule? Let us know in the comments!

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