Why Hubdoc Is A Vital Cloud Based Software Tool For Your Business!

Tulsa Financial Reporting Services

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Hubdoc is a cloud-based software, central hub for document organization which converts receipts, bills, invoices, and statements into digital data.

Hubdoc is quickly becoming one of the most important cloud based software tools in the corporate world.

By keeping all of your financial documents in one place, Hubdoc will save you valuable time, increase efficiency, and make it easier for your company to finally go paperless. It’s time to say goodbye to manual data entry and filing.

Features of the Hubdoc app:

  • Searchable, customizable folders to keep you organized
  • Access to your documents anytime, anywhere
  • Email alerts that notify you when a new document has been added
  • Bank-level security to keep ensure your data is safe
  • Bills and statements are seamlessly synced with your accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks Online and
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Have your document automatically uploaded to the hub simply by taking a photo of it
  • Connect the app to your bank accounts and to vendors you commonly deal with
  • Store all of your past bills, often over a year’s worth of documents
  • World class customer service
  • Invite staff members of your practice and other collaborators to view your account and your client accounts via Hubdoc Partner Portal 

Ready to get started? Hubdoc is the perfect tool for any business looking to take greater control of their document management and finances. Instead of logging into multiple online accounts to check your statements and bills, you can view all of them in one place. Contact us today!

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