Women Business Leaders Behind A Designer Water-Bottle Startup

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As you may have noticed, recently we have been in story-telling mode.

That’s because here at LUXA we believe there’s no better way to get inspired than to listen to the success stories of others, especially those who prevailed against the odds or emerged due to an ingenious idea.

This is another one of those stories.

Also, like our previous stories, this story revolves around women entrepreneurs. 

This is where we introduce the revolutionary fashion accessory, the BKR (pronounced Beaker water bottle.)

Say what? A water bottle? That’s not a fashion accessory. 

That is in fact what most people thought as well until these brilliant women swooped into the untapped market. Now they see their water bottles being used by the likes of Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively and Martha Stewart.

Now their bottles have reached cult-like status. 

So how did these women get their water bottles into the limelight? Simple. They read the data and did some social listening. 

For example, they listened to their users on Instagram, who said that BKRs have increased their compulsion to hydrate, and as a result they have been obtaining healthier-looking skin.

That’s all it took!

Now their product is exclusively sold internationally in Beauty departments at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Holt Renfrew, Joyce and Kicks. 

“It takes a while to really understand your brand,” Winter says. “But if you really listen to your customers, they’ll tell you who you are.”

“Hydration is the foundation of your beauty routine,” Winter explains. “The reason they don’t talk about it on the beauty floor in all these luxury stores is because they’re not selling anything related to it. But if you went to the dermatologist, the first question they ask is, ‘How much water are you drinking?’”

They didn’t stop listening to the media just yet. Afterwards, they started attending fashion shows and they now release two collections a year, based on the current fashion trends.

Now people are buying multiple bottles at once, of all different sizes and shades. 

And what’s even crazier is that this started as a passion project, with both of the women being best friends ever since law school. They both had a dismal hatred for water bottles and then went about raising $200,000 from friends and family to fund prototyping.

Now BKR has 15 employees, millions of dollars in revenue, and over 100% growth every year since they have started.

And if that’s not enough, according to their interview with Entrepreneur they plan on breaching the beauty department even more, very soon.  


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