Work Life Balance Tips: Make Life Rewarding (Infographic)

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For most business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up owners the reality is…there can seem like there is no balance. You have to plow through deadlines and demands even if that means sacrificing family, food, sleep, and more! However, we can’t perform too long without recharging or without sometime to unwind. That special time is your “balance”. 

Here’s something we think you didn’t know:

  • 55% of employees look at their work email in-boxes after 11pm at night.
  • 30% of employees feel burned out and 27% feel emotionally drained by their jobs/work.
  • 50% of employees say that work interferes with life responsibilities.

Work life balance tips: This infographic was created by the people at Brandman University and we think it supplements as a useful work-life balance tip with beautiful illustration as well as sound advice!  

work life balance tips


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