5 Work-Life-Balance Tips From Richard Branson

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There are certain times of the year where the pace of life reaches a maximum velocity. If you have family, that time is probably the begining and end of the school years, birthdays, major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, etc. 

These are days where there is much family activity and plenty of logistics that are involved in pulling these days off with a successful bang. As a business leader, when are you supposed to feel balance?

Funny thing is, there is already a natural balance in mother nature. If you take a look at the slideshare below, you will notice what I mean. 


There is a natural order to things that we seem to overlook. Work-life-balance does not always fit when you need it to. It’s not a day and night process of equality in time or a 50/50 rule. It can be a natural balance or rhythm that no two people can share alike. 

Richard Branson subscribes to 5 key principles in his method to madness. You might come away with a few ideas. 

5 Work-Life-Balance Tips From Richard Branson

1. Don’t just do, be

The Beatles introduced the idea first with the hit title song in the early 70’s of “Let It Be”. They were on to something. 

Richard says that in his 50 years of business, the most imporant thing he has learned was to find time to be inspired, take in the beauty of the world,  and laugh with our loved ones. 

This does not take alot of money nor do you have to have your claim in wealth and fame to do this. Richard tells us to be present in the moment and you will find balance more easily.

2. Workd hard, play hard


Aside from the yogi-style advice, it comes down to good ol fashion work and play. The 50/50 rule works best here.  

Richard says he has always subscribed to this rule and has profound memories of doing so. Again, money and fame have little to do with making this work for you.

Put it in your daytimers, calendard, and iCal or gCal apps. Make time to visit that relative you haven’t heard from in a while and experience something with them. Have fun!

3. Love what you do and do what you love

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. You are going to spend a considerable amount of time doing it. So Richard advices, find something you love doing. 

Some people hold out for that one thing they feel they were “called” to do and never find it. It may be just as simple as finding pleasure in what you love. 

If you think of work as a chore – that’s what it will be. If you find work to be hard work and it does not fulfill you to work hard – you might need to think about updating that resume. 

4. Seek wellbeing in the workplace

It’s imporant to find a sense of wellbeing where you work. Many times, employees feel negelcted or disconnected from management as to their sense of wellness and choice. 

At Virgin Records, for instance, the offer choices to their employees from a result of their work necessities. They can offer things like flexible work times, unlimitted leave policy, and most recently shared parental leave. 

These types of benefits promote choice in the workplace and empowers employees with a feeling of connection between personal and work life.

5. When it all goes wrong, don’t worry


We all fall off the tightrope and make mistakes sometimes. The important thing is to learn from it, get back on, and get it right the next time.”


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