Outsource Bookkeeping Services

Why take the risk of errors in your books? If you have a relative or friend doing your bookkeeping, don’t ruin a relationship by having your finances get too complicated.

Cutting Corners with who handles your books?

Many small businesses cut corners to keep costs down by doing their own books.


However, you may not want to cut costs forever. Especially when handling your finances. As your business grows and financial transactions get more complicated, so will your financials.

If you are doing your own entries, you may not realize you have a mess on your hands until someone points it out to you. Or worse…the IRS finds your mistakes.

Tulsa Outsource HR Services

No matter how simple a small business you run, there’s a lot more to worry about than just reconciling your bank statements.

Cash flow, accounts payable and receivable, costing, time, asset valuations and inventory – etc.

Couldn’t you afford to hire someone? Usually, our services are half of what you would spend on a full-time hire and well worth the cost.

What would you do with that extra time?

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  • Reconcile your bank statements at month end

  • Organize your credit card statements

  • Make payroll entries

  • Manage your accounts receivables

  • Monitor your sales tax

  • Handle your accounts payables


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Tulsa Outsource HR Services
Tulsa Outsource Accounting

Bookkeepers make journal entries, use spreadsheets and generally work under the supervision of head accountants.

Accountants see the “bigger” financial picture. Where keeping books can signal when something doesn’t look right, an accountant will tell you why and how to fix it.

Often, having someone do things like journal entries will allow them to gain enough knowledge and experience to become a CPA.

Our team is a mixture of experienced business accountants and CPA’s. We handle a wide range of clients bringing you more experience in dealing with unique business scenarios.

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When you realize that managing your own books is getting in the way of focusing on your business and growing a financially healthy business,  our services will free you from the headaches of making journal entries and reconciling bank statements.

You will be assigned your own dedicated account manager and support team to work with.

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Accounting Service in Tulsa
HR Services in Tulsa

We use the latest online accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero, FreshBooks, or whatever preferred software you are using so that online task management and chat is easily possible.  With all of the latest support tools like cloud accounting, you can be anywhere in the world and check in to see how your finances are doing.

Even while on vacation at the beach!

Our entire team is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we do not use any contractors or freelancers to manage our clients. Rest assured, our staff is all in the USA and trained to meet your needs!


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