Consider outsourced HR services to optimize your employee management

If you are struggling to tackle day-to-day HR tasks or have specific HR projects that need addressed and do nothave sufficient in-house HR resources - we can help.

Our team are experts in managing human resources for your business.


Our professional HR team is here to work for you. At LUXA HR we perform all the functions of a traditional in-house HR Department, offering in-depth HR solutions and expertise generally found only in the largest companies.

We’ll help keep your business focused on your core vision. By using LUXA as your HR team, you will reduce business costs, minimize risk and spend less time on paperwork.


From recruitment to retention and separation, as well as employee coaching, employee relations, and supervisory training; our unique blend of services ensures that all HR transactions between your company and your employees are genuine, effective, and follow best practices. We provide policy and procedure guidance and automation, ensuring that your employment needs are met accurately and quickly.

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We act just like an in-house HR Department and can take care of all of your HR needs. Ask us how we can help you with:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Separation
  • Employee coaching
  • Employee relations
  • Supervisory training

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Through streamlined administration designed specifically for employers with 200 or fewer employees, we can help you maximize your return on health benefits for your employees.

Our Health Benefits Services Include:

  • Qualified plan support and accounting
  • Data management
  • Event and transaction processing
  • Employee servicing Compliance
  • Retiree support and communication


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As the size of your organization grows, so do the requirements for government filing and reporting. LUXA Human Resources Services frees you from worrying about missteps that could lead to audits, fines and costly lawsuits.

Navigating the complexities of risk and compliance as it pertains to your employees can be tricky. We streamline processes with HR audits, handbooks and investigations, providing compliance protection for your business.

Our LUXA HR Compliance services offer you the peace of mind to know your claims are not only being processed, but are being monitored and analyzed for potential pitfalls and cost savings.


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We believe in educating businesses so they can make the best decisions based on the most current HR changes and regulations.  We offer a variety of flexible HR Training Seminars and delivery methods to keep you informed and make your valuable time count.

  • Creating and Maintaining a Productive Work Environment
  • FLSA Rules and Standards
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Customer Service and Conflict Resolution
  • Government Reporting (Audits, I-9, Personnnel Records)
  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
  • Making the Most of a Tech-Friendly Workforce
  • Blended Work “families” – the ins and outs of a multi-generational workforce


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