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At LUXA, we believe in leveraging our talents, knowledge, and experiences to best serve our clients. We call this approach TEAM LUXA. This is the culture our employees love to embrace:

It is not about how ONE PERSON can help you, but how WE can help you. – TEAM LUXA

This approach is essential in achieving our goal of improving your quality of business life.

There is great value in a team that is composed of professionals with varied experiences and knowledge. Having a broader spectrum of experiences and knowledge allows us to translate well-vetted recommendations to our customers. Through TEAM LUXA, we can ultimately reduce the risks associated with making difficult business decisions.

Not all businesses are the same nor are their needs. One customer may only require bookkeeping or payroll support. Other organizations may need full back-office accounting and human resource support. Either way, we have a team that can provide customized Affordable Back Office™ solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Many of our customers choose LUXA because of the convenience of all of this in one place, under one outsourcing team.


We’ll demonstrate how you can save money while improving your efficiency and accuracy when you outsource your back office services to TEAM LUXA.
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We understand the value of a team mentality. At LUXA, we know that we are better together than apart. In fact, we believe in the value of teamwork so strongly that it is one of our core values! By leveraging the skills and abilities of each team member, we can more effectively and efficiently reach our goals.

Our team has been carefully curated to serve each of our customers with integrity, passion, and excellence. We believe in providing accurate and efficient back-office support for CEOs and business owners of mid-sized companies and organizations.

TEAM LUXA is composed of accounting and bookkeeping gurus, HR professionals, and payroll administration experts! While we provide each of our clients with a dedicated team, we work together behind the scenes to collaborate. This allows us to provide our clients with the benefit of a team of experts with an excellent return on investment!

Partner With TEAM LUXA

Through TEAM LUXA, we can provide a wide range of Affordable Back OfficeTM solutions that are designed with your business in mind. Our team of professionals works to provide customized solutions that fill in the gaps in your organization.

Our primary goal is to help YOU succeed through accurate and efficient accounting, bookkeeping, HR, and payroll administration. Many times, these are areas in which small to mid-sized businesses struggle. While many CEOs and business owners believe outsourcing these services within their organization is too expensive, this is simply a myth. In fact, outsourcing is, in many ways, more affordable than hiring an in-house employee!

As your business grows, you must have accurate information and data on which to base important decisions. Far too often, businesses wait to contact a professional until they are in the middle of a financial crisis. As an industry thought-leader, TEAM LUXA will reduce this phenomenon by providing affordable back-office solutions. Our goal is to help prevent costly errors and poor business decisions.

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Achieve Business Growth Through Affordable Back Office™

Every business owner or CEO will quickly agree that their team has the greatest impact on the success of their business. Regardless of the industry in which you work, the people that are working alongside you will impact your business in one way or another.

At LUXA Enterprises, we strive to provide the support and solutions that you need to achieve business growth and success! For mid-sized companies, our Affordable Back Office™ services provide accuracy, stability, and profitability.

Working with the professionals of TEAM LUXA can reduce your costs, increase productivity, prevent fraud and financial errors, create security for your business, and allow you to focus on what YOU do best!

Surrounding yourself with a team of individuals that are considered experts in their field is the best way to achieve the business growth you desire. At LUXA, we aim to make this accessible, achievable, and affordable!

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Offering A Wide Range of Back-Office Services

LUXA Enterprises offers Affordable Back Office™ solutions that are customized to the unique needs of your business. We offer outsourced accounting services including bookkeeping, financial reporting, and virtual CEO services. Our team offers expert HR support, ensuring that you are creating and maintaining a workplace atmosphere that remains in compliance with current practices.

Additionally, we offer payroll administration and solutions that minimize costly errors while maximizing your efficiency. Through our team approach, we hope to provide you with the expert advice and solutions that your business needs to succeed.

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Are you ready to experience the many benefits of working with a team of experts dedicated to your success? When you partner with LUXA Enterprises, you benefit from not one professional, but an entire team! We know that we can more effectively serve our clients when we approach

our services with this mindset. With a broad spectrum of experience and a vast wealth of knowledge, TEAM LUXA is ready to serve you!

Call TEAM LUXA today at (918) 928-7288 to learn more about why outsourcing is right for you!