Virtual CFO Services

Getting your finances in order is a start but moving on to a more profitable and scalable company takes experience. Not all businesses can do that. 


We can help you with:

  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • Break-even analysis
  • Debt planning and reduction
  • Variable vs fixed expense reporting
  • Budget-to-actual reporting


We will develop a cash flow model to indicate future cash flow volumes and positions for your business. We will also develop a template that is custom built for your business and visit each week or month depending on your needs.

Our Cash-flow forecasting can help you with:

  1. A custom cash flow template built for your business.
  2. Weekly or monthly updates to your cash flow forecast.
  3. Weekly or monthly meetings with your accountant at LUXA Enterprises to review cash.

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Bookkeeping Tips: Improve Your Cash Flow

Break-even analysis

Many business owners run their business on ‘gut feel’ for where their profit margins are.  Break-even analysis is one of many helpful metrics that tell owners how their business is performing.

Your accounting doesn’t have to be complex, you just need to be aware of what metrics to look for. With a break-even analysis, you can develop a data driven report to indicate your break-even point for your business.

Our Break-even anlaysis will help you with:

  • Analyze overhead, cost structure, and gross margins
  • The precise calculation and break-even point of your business
  • Consistent reporting and coaching to lower your break-even point

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Bookkeeping Tips: Analyze Your Cash Flow



One way to weigh down a business is through debt. It is very hard to service clients and motivate staff when the company is drowning in unpaid debts. It is very easy for debt to get out of control and most well intended business owners end up closing doors from the inability to recognize the signs.

If you would like us to help you manage a payment strategy to eliminate your debt we can help.

Our Debt planning and reudction can help you with:

  • First, analyze your creditors, debt, and payment plans
  • Create a customized plan to pay your debt
  • Our personalized coaching visits to make sure you are sticking iwth your payment plan and strategy

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Bookkeeping Tips: How Often To Look At Aged Receivables

Where it is certainly a benefit to have experienced bookkeepers doing quality data entry, they can not always keep an eye on cost management for you. Just the difference in $1 to your cost per unit could be detrimental to your bottom line.

Knowing which costs are variable and which are fixed helps determine what can be easily controlled.  We can help you determine which costs should fluctuate with your business volume, and which ones require more attention or control.

Our Variable vs fixed expense reporting can help you with:

  • A cost profile and up-to-date analysis of your cost profile, vendors, and strategy
  • A current fixed and variable expense report
  • Consistent coaching to increase growth and controll cost spending

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>Why Good Sales Profit Margins For Small Businesses Can Fool You



Creating a robust budget that truly reflects the anticipated sales and spend may not be your biggest challenge; however, we can help design your budget.  We will help create reports to measure your performance.

At LUXA, our CFO partners with you to create accountability and visibility to meeting your budget goals.

Our Budget-to-actual reporting can help you with:

  • Custom designed budgets for your business needs and goals
  •  Budget entry and implementation into your accounting software
  • Consistant variance analysis and coaching sessions as needed

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Small Business Bookkeeping Tips: Annual Profit & Loss Estimates